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Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser - “Oudie Alien“ (40 ml)

Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser - “Oudie Alien“ (40 ml)

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Custom Made Fragrance - “Oudie Alien”

Warm and rich, this fragrance will immerse you in the atmosphere of a luxury hotel interior. Ideal for your living room, giving you a delightful experience every day.


Top: Fig Leaves, Sage

Heart: Rose, Saffron, Black Tea

Base: Patchouli, Amber, Oud


• Size: 1.35 oz Aluminum Bottle with 8-10 Natural Rattan Reeds
• Scent Lasts For 30+ Days
• If Scent Starts To Become Faint, Turn Reeds Upside Down (be careful)
• Non-toxic, Cruelty Free Premium US Made Fragrance Oils
• Made in the USA | Handmade in Miami, FL


The natural rattan reed sticks draw the oils up and hit the air. Then the fragrance is gently evaporated into the air. For fast effect, placing the reeds and flipping them over right away, and 2 weeks after, you can flip them over again. Refreshing fragrance will fill up your room for up to 1 month (1.35 fl oz bottle).


Reed diffuser is a great replacement to candles. Without flame, reed diffusers is creating a warm aromatic fragrant through out your room. If the reeds get a little dry or you want a little stronger scent, you can simply turn them upside down and a fresh wave of fragrance will travel to the top of the reeds.
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